Russ Willemsen - South Alabama  

AAU and JUCO coaches rave about the very diligent, organized and passionate Willemsen. He was hired by Graves to enhance recruiting in the southeast through his ties and experience. Flipping the script, this visionary is a guy we should a keep an eye on as it won’t be long before he is the one being recruited. 

Eric Brown - Long Beach

A local prodigy known for innovation and discovering new avenues to explore local recruiting (which is not easy to do on the overpopulated streets of LA). Armed with the great weather, beautiful campus, The Pyramid facility, the beach and beautiful scenery, Brown has a strong competitive edge.

Matt Kingsley - Yale

The one-time volunteer assistant coach worked his way up the coaching ladder. Kingsley’s resume boasts a New England prep school championship as head coach and an NCAA Tournament appearance as an assistant. It’s an understanding of recruits and their families that drives this straight shooter. Avoiding talk without substance, recruits appreciate his genuine approach.

Ali Ton - UC Irvine

No stranger to rankings, Ton is held in high esteem internationally. His connections run deep, as he has nurtured strong relationships worldwide. As his head coach puts it, ”Ali has a set of connections and a network that are hard to replicate.” 

Hajj Turner - George Washington

A next-level complete package guy, Turner is well experienced with all facets of coaching but has become a bulldog recruiter. His early experiences such as interning for the NCAA, have helped mold him into a very organized and meticulous recruiter.  With his sharp eye for talent, he doesn’t leave a stone unturned on the trail.  

David Cox - Rhode Island

Cox brought the nation’s 15th-best recruiting class of 2011 to Rutgers. If he can do it there he can do it anywhere; and he has. Quickly adapting due to his years of high level experience in college basketball up and down the East coast, Cox is the key man to URI’s recruiting.

Corey Barker - Louisiana Tech 

Barker has worked his way up through the coaching ranks, from prep school to junior college to Division I. He has developed a strong knowledge of the AAU circuit and regional Texas ties which bodes well for the future of La Tech basketball. His warm personality and ability to get through to young people make him a rising star. 

Brock Erickson - Iona

Erickson has a strong track record of recruiting top talent from across the nation including but not limited to four NJCAA All-American and 21 All-Conference players.  He has the JUCO market cornered, as Iona is consistently in on every high level 2-year player.  And if we ever have a category “Best-Bang-For-Your-Buck Assistant Coaches”, Erickson just might come in at number 1.

Jeremy Cox  - Southern Miss

Cox’ experiences as both a head and assistant coach, and at all levels of college basketball give him the upper-hand when battling for a prized recruit.  He understands every level and can look at things from both sides of recruitment.  His every-man personality helps forge immediate bonds with recruits. 


Brian Dutcher

The other fist of SDSU’s 1-2 punch, who could leave out the coach who helped assemble the FAB 5 at Michigan? Dutcher combs the country for talent and still works with the tenacity of a first-year coach trying to prove himself.  Soon he will go from set-up-man to closer, but that won’t change how he attacks recruiting one bit.

Win Case  - MTSU

The naturally upbeat personality of Case works well on the recruiting trail. It’s a trail he not only travels but lived through his early coaching career at the NAIA and JUCO levels. A proven WINner with two national championships, he also has a thorough understanding of the game to sell recruits.


Ross Hodge- Colorado State

Hodge is another JUCO guy that simply understands the game of basketball and what personnel his teams need to be successful.  From his days recruiting the top non-qualifiers in the country to Paris and Midland Texas to competing with some of the best programs in the country to bring their talents to Fort Collins, Colorado, Hodge gets it done! 

Ryan Cross - UL-Monroe

Cross is one of those good-guys who is hard not to like; but a killer on the recruiting trail.  With a grinder's mentality, Cross can find players anywhere and will make them believe that Monroe, Louisiana is PARADISE.  Just maybe it is! 


Lamar Barrett - ODU

No surprise to see the former Hoop Group Elite director on our list. Drawing on his previous experience, Barrett delivers direct exposure to the nation’s largest high school recruiting camp and academically oriented prospects. His down-to-earth personality wins over prospective student-athletes, as well as their families.

Brian Burg - UALR

His strength lies in tenacity with a determination that will never sit idle. Ask the 2016 top 100 prospect Deshaun Corprew from N.C.  along with all the other top east coast prospects and they will tell you the bond and trust is there with this national recruiter; enough to follow him to Little Rock or Vegas; Burg’s meticulous work ethic is the very difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.


PJ Hogan - Northern Iowa

Previous experience as a team academic coordinator, and strength coach, Hogan is dedicated to development on and off the court. The jack of all trades has the unique ability to operate effectively and find young men that “fit” the Northern Iowa system.  Seems to be working!

Rasheen Davis - VCU

Officials have been diligently working to bring the MTA into 21st Century dramatically improving the travel experience for New York recruits. The new Black and Gold line directly connects the Bronx with the campus of VCU thanks to the efforts of the ever humble and honest Davis. He not only built it, but drives it and cultivates a strong bond with all of its’ passengers.

Bobby Steinburg - Kent State

Steinburg has the unique ability to quickly adapt to the job, region, recruiting climate, and admission standards. Whether high academic institutions like UC Davis, junior college, state schools like Kent St., north, south, east, or west, he continuously signs players a level above. His engaging personality, tireless work ethic, and eye for talent make this outside-the-box thinker invaluable to any staff at any level. 

Roger Powell Jr. - Valpo

This energy guy is much more about life than X's and O’s. His philosophy: recruiting begins with character - then fit. It's a more personal type of recruiting and Powell does it well. He understands Drew’s system and beats the bushes to find the pieces that will fit so perfectly, which in time lead to championships and college graduates. 


Greg Heiar - Wichita State

His background at JUCO and Division I allow Heiar to recruit a variety of players from different walks of life.  He is a tenacious recruiter with an impeccable eye for talent.  The well-rounded and diverse Heiar has experienced a wealth of success in his career; largely due to the thoroughbreds he lures to the rosters.

Justin Hutson - San Diego State

It’s no secret why San Diego State has been one of the nation’s elite for the last several years. Hutson has helped put together some of the most talented rosters in the country year in, year out. ESPN’s Jeff Goodman considers Hutson one of the best recruiters nationally while Adam Finkelstein has listed Hutson as a top up-and-coming recruiter.  Up-and-coming no more…Hutson has arrived!

Tom Ostrom - Dayton

Established as a top recruiter, Ostrom has played a huge role in Dayton’s success. He is a hard-working, one man call center - on the phone, faxes, emails, texts, and social media well into the night to attract the perfect fits for Miller’s Flyers. 

Greg Grensing - MTSU

With a proven recruiting track-record, Grensing focuses on JUCO’s for athleticism and size.  The world saw some of his recruits on center stage when the Blue Raiders beat Michigan State in the Big Dance recently. He strives to place each recruit in a system with other skilled people where each one can elevate the other.  Grensing embraces the rising tide lifts all boats philosophy.


Rob Ehsan - UAB 

Reading through the Ehsan bio, two phrases are clearly repeated… “top high school players in the nation” and “highest rated recruit in program history”.  Whether recruiting in the ACC (Maryland/VA Tech) or C-USA, Ehsan consistently brings in elite level recruits.  One thing is for certain, whether he follows Haase to Stanford or succeeds him at UAB, talent will be in abundance.


Tommy Lloyd - Gonzaga

The Lloyd leadership philosophy guides young players to take the path of most resistance and turn it to the path of least resistance utilizing a niche European recruiting circle. As a former pro player in Germany and Australia Lloyd uses his connections to broaden the horizon of both Gonzaga and the student athletes.

Top 25 Assistant Coach Recruiters Mid-Major Level

Our national panel of voters ranked the Top 25 Assistant Coach Recruiters at the Mid-Major level. Coaches from the Atlantic 10, Big West, Colonial, Horizon, Independents, Ivy, Metro Atlantic, Mid-American, Missouri Valley, Patriot, Sun Belt, West Coast, were considered based on criteria such as recruiting contributions to team success, experience, reputation among peers, success of signees and more.