Best Off-Season
Skill Development Coach

With new rules allowing more workouts and earlier practices, these guys are instrumental in getting the new players as well as playbooks up and running before game one. Opportunity is sure to favor these coaches, players, and teams who do the work early and are therefore well prepared. This list compiles all levels and all coaches.

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Chris Mudge - Sam Houstin State

To Mudge, summer is designed for improving dribble, pass, scoring, footwork, finishing, and everything in between. His goal is to get players to be fundamentally sound when making plays for themselves and others and replicate gale like situations. Game scenarios, limited dribble, defending the ball, contested shots and more area all come into focus through the lens of one on one where repetition and practice make perfect.

Anthony Wilkins - Georgia Tech

Very good at developing 3s and 4s, you can find him in the gym early and often bringing the philosophy of first on in last one out in an effort to get guys better in basketball, athleticism, and culture.

Jason Slay - Youngstown  

Possibly the best coach on the entire staff, Slay delivers positive energy in any difficult situation. Really good at guard development; the tireless worker should be, and likely will be sooner than later, at a higher level.

Chris Capko  - USC

Always reflecting on the year that just finished, the players' goals for the upcoming season, and how to turn a weakness into a strength, Capko dedicates a significant portion of his schedule to the off season. In his words " The more prepared your players are going into the season, the better chance of success you will have."   

Ross Hodge - North Texas  

When told, he forgot. When taught, he sometimes remembered. When involved, he learned well. His juco background allowed him to start early and he continues the successful tradition of emphasizing off season development as he climbs all the way to the top producing defense, rebounding, and shooting. 

Eric Haut – Northern Kentucky 

Today Haut is reunited with his old boss who first hired him as a GA,. One of his best skills, off season development is more crucial now than ever. With an entirely new staff in place at NKU, Haut was called on this summer for overall skill development and his ability to get through to kids early. Great film session coach with individual players.

Jason Shay - ETSU

He learned the importance of skill development while coaching the Juco level through the highly successful NW Florida State. It’s in his blood. What sets his summer development apart is a unique focus on catching. Shay continues to be unique and specific in his variations that increases forearm strength, fingertip control and expert ball handling.

Steve Schmidt - Mott CC 

At a level with constant turnover, he is the absolute constant. He is a sharp do it all skill development coach for offense and defense. His guys are ready for battle in a short pre-season.

Andy Toole - Robert Morris

Definitely holds guys accountable and creates team toughness. His many drills work on player consistency for shooting on the move and getting a quality shot up in a variety of game like situations. Focused on multiple actions, his drills teach critical thinking on your feet during the only huddle a basketball team gets….the summer.   

Shaun Vandiver - Wyoming

His post play development and ability to gain player's trust is a big reason for his stability in the coaching profession. A phenomenal teacher of fundamentals, his guys will run through a brick wall for Coach V.

Craig Doty - Emporia State DII

Lodi Doty they likes to party in the gym developing a winning attitude that dont bother nobody….except the other team. It's a strategy based on early success in cohesiveness. His summer drills build championship teams from developing pressure while maintaining stability in composure, time, verticality and spacing.

Gus Argenal - Cal State Fullerton  

Guard development and getting guys to play hard together, trust each, other and trusting him is the staple of his teams and his career. The high-energy coach is fanatical about the basics during workouts. It’s the little parts that make the whole. From setting a screen, throwing a chest pass, sliding your feet, Argenal is a stickler for summer workouts.  

Greg Heiar - LSU  

Utilizing every tool at his disposal, Heiar's dedication to the process and his ability to challenge players improves the skill level of their team ten fold. Heiar spends the off season developing great ball control confidence, shooting drills that incorporate foot and ball fakes, and more. From the start of the season, his backcourt knows how to finish strong.

Al Pinkins - Florida

Developing front court personnel, Pinkins is a household name throughout the SEC and Big 12. Also known as a sleuth, it starts with scouting his own guys fist. Early in his career he had the freedom of leadership responsibilities during the off season workouts. In the Glass House of Middle Tennessee under Kermit, he developed the sharp on-court coaching acumen that both Texas Tech and Florida have been grateful to take advantage of today. 

Rob Senderoff – Kent State 

Post player development and weights are the priority. to really execute and demonstrate those principles takes this kind of discipline and faith. Summer strength and skill are the two factors that separate the good from the great, the successes from the failures, and players that would stay Golden verses just showing Flashes of greatness.

Mark Downey – Northeastern State DII 

His love for the game never ends. With that, learning and continually cultivating the game happens year round. One of the top recruiters of any level, it’s clear Downey does the work from day one in the offseason through overall skill development and implementing O & D strategies to a teams. More impressive, he has done so with new rosters every year.

Chris Jans -  New Mexico State

In Las Cruses, Jans had to Frankinstien a team from all walks of life. By establishing his O&D to a new group quickly and efficiently he is able to get a group functioning together as one unit; culminating in thirty plus wins you have to do the job early. It truly is an everyday thing. Year round for Jans. He’s one of the best at instilling absolute toughness.

Ron DuBois – UC Santa Cruz DIII 

There are strategists and there are tacticians. DuBois plays the role of the latter to perfection. His methods and processes used to achieve short-term goals think like a strategist but implement like a tactician. The plans he makes in the summer simply cannot be undone during the season. One of the best individual skill development guys at any level.

Steve Forbes - ETSU

The strong lead in the potent 1-2 summer combo at ETSU, Forbes has a slightly broader scope then his assistant in the summer. He created the development culture through overall skill development at any position and instilling toughness and winning mentality.

Dip Metress  - Augusta State DII

His belief that fundamentals should be balanced with the current style of the game keeps his summer schedule just as relevant as his season schedule. Furthermore, he is relentless on establishing good habits to eliminate harmful practices. Habits that come from a detailed and specific attention to early season tactics like skill development and conditioning.

Jason Williford - Virginia

Attention to detail in skill development, wins student athletes over early on, and instills an enormous sense of pride in the athletes. The chemist works hard all summer to bring multiple individuals into the fold of one family. His family; as an alma mater.

Deandre Haynes – Maryland

At the intersection of ability and opportunity we find Haynes crouched in a defensive position. The always diligent developer looks forward to being in the gym and helping the team improve every day over the summer. It’s all tied up in his passion for helping players reach their full potential on and off the court. His impact has been obvious at every level in all around skill development...especially with guard play...and his ability to demonstrate at a professional pace.

Gregg Marshall - Wichita State

Absolute toughness and a winning mentality even in June and July. One through five he is dedicated to increasing basketball ability at each position. Highlighted by a wing series that develops his guys into masters at reading the defense and get to the rim. More than that he drills various ball handling drills and finishing moves. 

Jay Spoonhour – Eastern Illinois

Living basketball is a process of developing oneself continually. Without the pain from disconcerting offseason experiences, there would be a lesser team in Charleston Ill today. Son of late college basketball coach Charlie Spoonhour, Jay brings the old school work ethic. Due to lack of resources, he brings average talent and develops them into serviceable players early.

Kermit Davis - Ole Miss 

His toughness is just as determined as his rebounding, morphing zone defense, man to man and transition offensese. The competitive practices proves he is one of the most balanced coaches in the game. But it’s his relentless attention to detail that is his vitality. Connecting him with everyone, it keeps him eager and ready to go in May, June, July and August.