Jordan Mincy - Florida 

An infectious personality will go a long way in this business and that’s what will carry Mincy to the top. What will keep him there is an important distinction in today’s social media blitz; it’s being famous for your work. And Mincy can flat out-work everyone. From scouting, to recruiting, to mentoring to skill development. His energy and leadership remind many of another former Florida assistant who turned out to be a very “Smart” hire as head coach. 

Mike Balado - Louisville

The former FIU assistant has made the most of his opportunity at the highest level. Well experienced in both the recruiting world and in coaching, in scouting, and in defensive scheming the Cardinal way, it won’t be much longer before Balado takes the next step up.

Kevin Kuwik - Dayton

Behind one of the hottest names for head coaching candidates to move up, Kuwik is in a strong position to take over at Dayton. He is also a candidate for an at large bid to the head coaching ranks through his character and culture of creating and sustaining excellence. The 2005 MAC Champion coach (Ohio) also has a successful history at the DII level.

Geno Ford - Stony Brook

Experience and knowledge are two extremely beneficial qualities for a programs’ success. And two of Ford’s best attributes. The former head coach has been an enormous help to first-time head coach, Jeff Boals. The like-able and witty Ford may just find himself running his own program in the coming months.

Larry Davis - Cincinnati   

Davis served as interim coach in 2015 becoming the first non-head coach to lead a team through multiple games of a regular season and into the NCAA tournament since 1961. Today, having now adopted the motion offense and new found success for the Bearcats, this former Furman head coach may have also found a formula for returning to run his own program.

Ryan Pedon - Butler

Spearheading a nationally-ranked recruiting class in his first year at Butler, the long-time mid-west coach has climbed from G.A., to DBO to AC and will continue to climb to HC. Leaving a lasting impression everywhere he’s been, we can think of a few area schools that may welcome him with open arms.

Kevin McKenna - Oregon

McKenna has more than 25 years of coaching experience, including seven years as a HC at Indiana State and Nebraska-Omaha where he earned the NCC Coach of the Year in both 2004 and 2005 and North Central Regional COY by the NABC in 2005. His recent years assisting Oregon have been lucrative under Dana Altman. Now might be the time to jump on that carousel.  

Dusty May - Florida

“All the way with Dusty May” we are campaigning for a very well deserving and terrific, coach who is also a great person. May has the ability to raise a program from any level to the national standard. Backed by the confidence and support of everyone he has ever worked with, the man behind the scenes driving success  at the likes of Louisiana Tech and now at Florida is ready for his own curtain call. 

Wes Long - VCU

The former head coach at Queens University of Charlotte has the experience, drive, and integrity to achieve success leading a Division I program. Will Wade’s right-hand-man is ready for a spin on the head coaching mary-go-round.


Ed Conroy - Minnesota 

The former Tulane head coach is the most valuable staff member on the Gophers bench digging a tunnel from the bottom of the conference a year ago to the top soil this year through scoring offense, field goal percentage, three point defense and rebounding. Conroy’s immediate impact proves he can step in and be successful anywhere.

Greg Heiar - Wichita State

A winner everywhere he’s been as a player, head coach, and now as an assistant, his head coach (Marshall) calls him the complete package. By design, success follows Heiar everywhere; from Iowa to Florida and all points in between. Without question, Greg is next up in the college basketball assistant coaching Heiar-archy. 


Steve Lutz - Creighton

This recruiting coordinator extraordinaire has also done an amazing job with the  front court, and scouting future opponents. An active member of many industry programs such as the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches, he is a community oriented coach who places emphasis on development on and off the court. He will simply make any team better.

Travis Steele - Xavier

No stranger to area short lists for head coaching jobs, in a whirlwind of speculations, with names flying all over the place, Steele remains as strong as ever in the calm and stable eye of the storm.


David Grace - UCLA

Just like his athletic childhood as an army brat in continuous motion, where he developed his leadership and organizational qualities, it’s impossible for college coaches to keep up with him. 

Joe Pasternack - Arizona

As teams are often a reflection of their coaches, so too is the balanced scoring and defensive Arizona team an extension of their assistant coach as much as their head coach. The one-time student assist for legendary Bob Knight has the pedigree. Learning from the best in the business (Knight, Braun, Miller) and the experience of a 500 record as a former head coach (New Orleans) he is going to get another shot at the top sooner than later.


Kenny Johnson - Louisville

Following a strong impact as recruiting coordinator at Indiana, Johnson has added superior coaching experience under the tutelage of Pitino. The 2013’s eleventh most respected/feared assistant coach continues his growth and is primed for the next step-up.

Ron Sanchez - UVA

A name that pops up year after year, Sanchez continues his high standard of excellence from the Virginia bench. Simply put, when the right opportunity arrives Sanchez will move from Cavalier Master Sergeant First Sergeant to Sergeant Major leading his own program to victory after victory.

Matt Figger - South Carolina 

As ready as anyone can be to take on head coaching duties, day in day out, Figger will remain responsible for the same things that he has done at South Carolina and Kansas State before that. Head coach Frank Martin wants everyone to understand and know - players, and everyone who is around - “Figger is ready to take on the challenge of being a head coach."

Norm Roberts - Kansas

Simply said, Roberts is a seasoned veteran in the college coaching game, and a long time top candidate to fill numerous head coaching positions. In control of his own future, he will continue to rank at the top of these lists until he decides to pull the trigger.  


Stan Jones - FSU

A strong family man who cares for his players like they are his own, Jones started as an outstanding high school coach. He has evolved along the same path as the players excelling in high school, college, and on to professional success. Considered the top assistant in the college game by many, Jones is a motivational leader who would inspire years of all-star performance.

Greg Gary - Purdue

Guiding the sweet-flowing Boilermaker offense, while finding time to recruit a pro or two, this family man is destined to be the next splash hire; making some AD look like a genius. With a butter-knife in a gunfight, he quickly built moribund Centenary, into a Southland contender before financial crises forced a move to Division III. Wait until the country sees what he does with equal artillery.  

Bobby Lutz – Windy City Bulls (NBDL)

If anyone has ever heard that Lutz is satisfied doing anything other than coaching, they were lied to. Lutz will be back at the top spot in college coaching sooner than later. He has the energy, passion, and does one thing better than most…he WINS!  Will this be the carousel that brings him round again? 

Chris Caputo - Miami

It’s no secret that Coach Larranaga would struggle to replace Caputo, who has taken on all responsibilities possible in their eleven plus years working together. Excelling at a high rate particularly in recruiting and defense, he is ready to take the reins somewhere. His humble and engaging personality mixed with his relentless work-ethic make him a slam-dunk…even at 5’8”. 


Tommy Lloyd - Gonzaga

Should the next in line at Gonzaga decide to pursue a head coaching career sooner than waiting it out in Spoken, his uncanny knowledge of the international talent and the international game would raise him head and shoulders above the competition. Highly connected overseas and now in the states with years of success after success he is guaranteed to enhance recruiting and all aspects of any program.


Jeff Capel - Duke

Another familiar face for head coaching discussions, Capel remains the top name on numerous wish lists. All of basketball is confident in his ability, and while he is currently situated in a very sweet spot, the suiters will continue to hound the former head coach with an overall head coaching record over 500.

These Assistants have a huge impact on their programs. Held in high esteem by their colleagues and the basketball community they are ready to ride the carousel for possible head coaching jobs.  

DI Assistants to Jump on the “Head” Coaching Carousel