Angres Thorpe - UMKC

AT DIII DII DI Thorpe keeps his upward trajectory leading directly to the big chair. Impacting all areas of the team Thorpe has turned out all conference guards as well as assisting in a new business and marketing model to integrate UMKC basketball with the nightlife of downtown KC thereby enhancing their community and attracting a new audience by linking sporting events. His highly successful past performance is your future success.

Drew Cooper - Thomas Moore

The former Bellarmine assistant helped lead the Knights to a record of 152-41, a Final Four appearance in 2012, and Bellarmine's first National Championship in history in 2011. His tireless work ethic has been successful throughout his four years in Cincinnati reaching 20 wins and a conference championship this year. If anyone is looking for a diamond in the rough, this could be your guy; and remember, diamonds tend to last forever. 

Grey Giovanine – Augustana, NCAA DIII

His Vikings have firmly established themselves as one of the best in all of DIII history. The 2015 Basketball Times National COY has reached regular season and tournament championships as well as a national championship game in route to a record of 340-123 (.734) in his first 17 seasons. only a very few do it better.

Joe Harge - Cal State Fullerton

Joe has had an impactful, and immediate, high level of success in Fullerton. Developing post players, recruiting, and on-the-court coaching via a keen understanding of multiple levels through his history in DII, the NBDL and DI. He is a perfect fit for upstreaming kids to adulthood. While doing his part to turn the Titans around, someone is out there looking for the same twist. And like spinning the cap off a bottled water, Harge continually twists the cap of refreshment; on and off the court.  

Marty Richter - FSW, Juco 

Delivering the skills needed to help student-athletes compete and succeed at a national level while building from ground zero at Florida Southwestern, Richter stands in a unique position. The basketball natured and nurtured now puts an old head on young shoulders that will inevitably yield a youthful heart beating any opponent at any level. Add to that his assist that was the ally oop transition from Enfiled to Dooly in Dunk City and it’s clear that this is the time to buy. 

Steve Schmidt - Mott CC, Juco

With extreme determination, as witnessed by perhaps the most disappointed 23 plus win coach in the country, Schmidt sets his program's standards and expectations to their own elevated set of rules that won’t be realized until the final buzzer of their final game. Now it’s time his career caught up to him. Simply put, Schmidt makes the most of now.

Craig Doty - Graceland, NAIA 

He built a national Juco powerhouse, he was named NABC National COY for all levels of juco (2016). Then he went over to the NAIA only to poach a rival schools top assistant, complete a twenty plus win season, advance to the semi finals (and maybe more) all in year one. If there is a DI program out there looking to emulate the highly successful business model of Disneyland then Doty has to be on your list because everywhere he goes becomes the happiest place on earth. 

Ross Hodge - Arkansas State

Intensity mixed with integrity, the flat-out, all-around winner would work wonders for Survivor TV as he continually Outwits, Outplays, and Outlasts. Come to think of it, basketball programming and broadcasting would benefit from that just the same. 

Jared Phay - CSI, Juco

His good fortune is for the program in charge of change. Having watched Phay climb the mountain to reach the summit of the Juco ranks, he now stands in a strong position to be highly successful in the DI market. If I stood on the highest hill and asked- Who is next in line to transition from Juco to DI coaching? An untold number of Juco turned DI players and coaches would shout in a voice loud enough for all the world to hear....PHAY! 


Jared Grasso - Iona

The six-time consecutive associate head coach has led the Gaels to top scoring offensive rankings five times. With his players developing just as rapidly, his career isn’t too far behind. Proving that quality never goes out of style, Iona plateaued their eighth consecutive 20 plus win season this year. Seasoned DI experience, a proven basketball strategy, this guy should cost millions but you can get him now for just thousands.  

Barrett Peery - Santa Clara

Peery guided more than 15 players to DI in his three-year tenure at Indian Hill CC. Since joining Sendek first at Arizona State, Peery continues a great DI career that also includes staff and assistant stops at Portland State and in Utah. Maintaining ownership in all aspects of the program, Peery will meet any programs expectations only to exceed them yielding a great return.


Win Case - Middle Tennessee

With great energy, and a fantastic upbeat personality, Case has been very good both on the court and on the recruiting trial for seven consecutive years in Murfreesboro. Before that, his proven track record boasts assistant and head coaching stops all part of National Championship teams and an overall 392-169 record. In the Case of a zero sum game, simply put, if you don’t Win, you lose.

Tony Pujol - Wyoming  

In the game of stock and trade comfortable connections are made. Having assisted along side of Shyatt (Wyoming) and Grant (VCU and Alabama) Pujol also stopped at App State where he helped them to the NCAA's Public Recognition Award based on the program's APR. Without question he is a guy who will make the grade for any program to sign him up. 


Greg Tonagel - Indiana Wesleyan, NAIA

The seven time NAIA COY deserves his chance to lay out his vision for and compete for any job, every year. So here we will give him an opportunity to face guard the dynamics of a coaching search. In line with the Bo Ryan and Chris Beards of the world, the path is clear to transition from lower levels to DI. And to the nay-sayers concerned with entropy, getting that foot in the front door of a national recruit is simply a matter of social media and of course. 

Bobby Steinburg - Kent State

Coaching is a long and winding road and Steinburg has been relentlessly motoring it; navigating all the challenging landscapes to perfection. Armed with an uncanny ability to visualize opportunity and wins, by recruiting, game planning, practice, or marketing your program. Finding non-traditional / out-of-the-box forward thinking strategies is what he does best. From GA, JUCO head coaching experience, to DI assistant positions, at high academic institutions and state schools, he simply understands the business and can do a lot with a little. 


Steve DeMeo - NW FL, Juco

The three-time running Panhandle champ, COY, and tourney champ will add seven more graduates at the end of this year to his most important record: a seventeen for seventeen graduation rate; transitioning them all to DI. With DI experience himself as former associate head coach at Hofstra and Providence, this is the right time to get him where the profit and loss meets his salary at the zero x-axis in the market space. 

Brian Ayers - Belmont

Already an early name on Austin Peay’s list, the Clarksville native and long time Tennessee basketball figure carries the majority of his weight in name. With authority proven on the court via Belmont’s twenty some years of conference championships, numerous player and coaching accolades, NCAA appearances, and wins, the Ayers name will soon be worth its weight in gold as well as name. 

Todd Lee - Grand Canyon

As easy as push button publishing, guaranteed to earn you millions in royalties after recouping just pennies on the dollar; comparatively speaking. Lee has the DII championship head coaching experience blended with an outstanding job raising GCU to national prominence all while learning and strengthening NBA ties through Thundering Dan. All the pieces are in place for Lee to capitalize on what has already been a great career fully developed and ready for his return to the big chair. 

Josh Schertz - Lincoln Memorial, DII

The driving force behind LMU's re-emergence as a national DII power emphasizes pace and space. Not even the Cumberland Gap will keep him from the highest level for long. Playing to his potential, Schertz will always be at his best when it matters most. In the vein of Darner, one good turn deserves another and this DII national COY is next. Simply said, you can get him now for less or later for more; either way he is coming to DI, with or against you.


Preston Spradlin - Morehead St.

Excelling in a situation that is not easy, the Spradlin stock has gone up over the past few months. One of NABC’s thirty under thirty coaches last year, he got his shot to prove what he could do and he has not disappointed. The former Kentucky GA studied under Calipari running his summer camps and generating fan engagement opportunities. With a price tag that is only getting bigger, buy now, and save both your program and your dollars.

Chris Jans - Wichita State

Widely successful in previous head coaching experiences, Jans continues to grow as special assistant to Gregg Marshall at Wichita State. Watching from the sidelines, he becomes more and more eager for another shot on the court. Which means he could be lured away for a good price. As Washington Irving said “Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them.” And Jans is sure to rise again. 

Jeff Rutter - Drake

In Rutter we bank on quality to drive quantity with ease. When this coach is able to work at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, at the right time, without distraction, success is imminent. In other words, we highly encourage Drake to remove the interim part of his current head coach tag. If not, their loss is a huge gain for another midwestern school. True to his name, Rutter is a handbook of directions and information to best navigate basketball.

Dannton Jackson - UAB

If your financing needs deserve the care of a specialist, Jackson may be your guy. He had a 290-130 record in 13 seasons as NAIA Xavier head coach, including 21 wins prior to joining UAB as an assistant. Proven loyal, reliable, and trustworthy with head coaching success and now DI experience, with Jackson we have solutions; not promises. 


Mark Downey - Fort Wayne

From the court, to the classroom, to the community, Downey represents the best of basketball. He has developed multiple conference and national POY’s and won 200+ games as a head coach. If you need further proof that he can be a comfortable fit for the big chair just watch Richie Schueler’s video capturing Downey’s philosophies thanks to’s Coaches Insight at


Maurice Joseph - George Washington

Eager and well prepared, the current interim head coach has been able to steady a sinking ship through leadership and enthusiasm. Furthermore, he brought focus and stability to a talented team. Perhaps overachieving given the circumstances, Joseph’s 18 wins this year seem more like 25 wins. It’s a unique situation where a school would profit from his experience. 

Best Bang for your Buck candidates for DI head coaching jobs. Outside the box but great hires for LM and MM jobs because they are just as good if not better than candidates who require higher salaries.

Best Bang for Your Buck