Ben Swank - Wisconsin Green Bay

The only way to continue the success started in Green Bay in a post Darner era would be to turn to his long time assistant. A top 30-Under-30 coach, Swank was instrumental in recruiting all conference players at multiple levels while assisting in setting multiple school and season records. At Florida Southerm, he helped the Mocs to a 62-6 record overall, two Sunshine State Conference regular season and tournament titles, and the 2015 Division II National Championship.

Jay Bowen - Austin Peay

Considered a lower level candidate, Bowen is still in the running and would maintain consistency in the Governors householdby way of a seamless transitions with knowledge and recruiting connections very much inline with former Coach Loos.

Tyler Erwin - Omaha 

The never shy, community oriented Erwin is Nebraska basketball having served throughout the state in various staff and assistant roles on various plains from semi pro to DI, DII, NAIA and Juco. The active member of the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association, Nebraska Coaches Association and the National Association of Basketball Coaches will work tirelessly to ensure success and maintain the local feel.

Will Ryan - Ohio

Yes, that Ryan family. He played for his father’s Wisconsin-Platteville's DIII national championship teams and his Milwaukee teams. He also served in various staff positions for his father in Madison. Now with ten years experience as a full fledged DI assistant, and three plus years assisting Ohio in their biggest turnaround in program history, Ryan is a perfect fit should Phillips move on.

Sam Ferry - Monmouth

Ferry  spotted Ibiezugbe,the most important freshman player in college basketball, all the way in Nigeria. Such international reach is unique for a young gun on the come. Perhaps the most decorated coach of all assistants in the MAAC, Ferry has served various staff positions at high academic institutions. King Rice will be the first to tell you that Ferry is "a star in the making, a very energetic young man that can mentor and teach young men.”

Kyle Cieplicki - Vermont

He started in the business as an assistant coach at Brown under former UVM associated head coach Jesse Agel and alongside his Vermont teammate T-J Sorrentine. But he was first a three year captain for UVM basketball (their first in history). Later he would join the staff as Director of Basketball Operations. Some twelve years later he is now associate head coach. He is now, and always has been, and always will be, Vermont basketball.

Win Case - MTSU 

Making a strong Case for continued winning at Middle we look at his previous head coaching record at Oklahoma City University. Over thirteen years, he posted a 343-127 record and twice winning the NAIA National Championship. Add to that, everything he has done on the national stage assisting in an undefeated record in DI NCAA Tournament first round, it’s easy to see a Win-ning scenario playing out in Murfreesboro. Having said all this we note a difficult decision for Win should Kermit depart for Cases’s home State of Oklahoma.

Geno Ford - Stony Brook

With a ton of highly successful experience a level up, Ford would motor over the competition in the America East. Furthermore, he would secure a long standing assembly line for developing the players and a long standing culture of tradition with a laundry list of up and comers who would quit their day job in a flash for the opportunity to study under this two time MAC champion and COY.  

Luke Yaklich - Illinois State

Taking pride in bringing the best out of his players, on the court, in the classroom, and the community, Yaklich has spent a lifetime developing culture in high school, AAU, and DI student athletes. The former Redbird manager was paying his dues at the same time HC Muller was playing. It’s only natural to hand off responsibilities from one teammate to another for consistency and smooth transition. The only question here i would be if Yaklich would prefer to ride with Muller to a power conference school. 


Jim Whitesell - Buffalo

While earning a reputation as a good guy in coaching as HC at Loyola, he never backed down from a challenge and scheduled competitively. In the MAC he has proven the ability to recruit academic players who can handle athletics and receive All-MAC Freshman Team honors. Whitesell has spent 24 seasons as a head coach at the NCAA Division I, II and III levels prior to assistant posts in St. Louis, New York and Buffalo; totaling thirty-four years on the job.

Jason Shay - ETSU

While ETSU boasts Brooks Savage as a young up and comer. Shay receives lots of adoration as the established assistant with a previous stop at North Dakota leading them to nine straight post season appearances. In the Juco ranks, at NW Florida State, he helped lead the Raiders to a 62-6 overall mark and back-to-back Panhandle Conference Championships and appearances in the NJCAA DI National Championship game.


Patrick Baldwin - Northwestern

The NU graduate has a keen understanding of what it means to wear the purple and white. The former standout player now develops the next generation of leaders ( McIntosh) earning Big Ten All-Freshman Team honors and more. He also has proven constancy, having recruited the 2013 MVC Freshman of the Year while at Missouri State. The opportunity to have one of your own leading the program would be huge for Northwesterns continued yet fragile success.

Todd Lee - Grand Canyon   

Best start at 14-0 -check, climbed to No. 3 in the national rankings -check, average of 22.3 wins and a 73.6 winning percentage -check, six straight trips to the Conference Tournament -check,five trips to the NCAA Midwest Regional championship -check, fifth in NCAA total attendance at 47,145 -check. Need we continue? Lee has the resume and experienced success at both DII and DI levels.


Takayo Siddle – UNCW

With the move already made official that Keats is headed to Raleigh, Siddle is the right man to take over for his soon to be former mentor. He has a keen understanding the university’s location and history and successes that make the program an easy sell for him. Simply put, If it aint broke, don’t fix it.  

Dave Rice - Nevada

Well acclimated with the state of Nevada (and the entire region from California to Texas to Utah and all the Southwest)  Rice is a no brainer to succeed Musselman. Armed with a solid head coaching record of 98-54 the twelve time champion coach would continue guiding the pack in the right direction.


Wyking Jones - Cal

Widely known as one of basketballs most interesting people, his character goes hand in hand with head coaching duties. Before winning a national title as an assistant in Louisville (2013), the LA native stopped at New Mexico where the Lobos won 52 games in two seasons, including a school-record 30-wins. Before that, he served at LMU and Pepperdine. The local favorite is ready to write and star in the bright future of Cal basketball..he already has an imbd page .

Mike Babul - Wagner

With his head coach Mason picking up steam in coaching searches, Babul may have his shot sooner than later. Babul has helped guide Wagner to a 71-55 record, highlighted by a second round appearance in the NIT after winning the program's second-ever regular season title going 23-11 overall and a 13-5 NEC record. And lets not forget his past appearances on our rankings including the nation’s tenth best Assistant Coach Recruiter (Low-Major).  

Greg Manning - Siena

With a long history of leadership in recruiting and scouting, Manning knows this league inside, out, and all around the region as both a player and coach, he knows how to be successful here. He values the Times Union Center and understands the significance of their great community support system. A system in which he is fully engaged.  

Eric Haut - Kent State

The most noticeable action on the Kent State bench in the final time out of a close MAC championship game was the assistant in the huddle speaking with his players. “Finish This!!” His directions were clear to everyone in the arena and watching at home. In the heat of that moment we illustrate all the intangibles one needs to know as to why the former Kent State player and four time MAC champion is next in line at Kent.


Ryan Pedon - Butler

Maybe a lesser known name two months ago, everyone in basketball pop culture is now familiar with the works of Pedon. His name has surfaced on multiple coaching searchers. While Butler continues to bulldog their way to the sweet sixteen and further, what you see in the tournament play is what you get with Pedon in the big chair.

David Grace - UCLA

So long as the Alford to Indiana rumors are neither confirmed nor denied, David will Grace our list as a strong candidate to take over in Westwood. Widely rumored to have a few mid major job offers placed on the table the second they finish their tournament play, he would be the only logical choice for school officials at UCLA. In hopes of maintaining their recent success (should the current coaching and player roster all defect); their only hope for salvation is by basketball’s good Grace. 

Kevin Kuwik - Dayton

While we may have let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago with Kuwik landing among the top 25 assistants to jump on the HC carousel, his path is clear and this is it. Should Miller move on Dayton should be Kuwik to replace him. 

Mark Downey - Fort Wayne

His departure from Bowling Green following the Jans incident coincided with the house that his family had been renting being sold that same week. Without a future, or a home, all that was left was an uncertainty as to where his family would sleep at night -if at all. Downey exemplifies the theory that it’s not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage. With skill and perseverance Downey has found solid land and will continue to prosper in Fort Wayne.


Mark Prosser – Winthrop

Coaching in his blood.With the backing of his family name, ad’s and presidents know they will get one of the good guys sure to do things the right way. His unique and young career has seen  good fortune playing an integral part of three very special basketball runs and developments through Bucknell, Wofford, and now Winthrop. With precision and focus Winthrop is sure to maintain their resolve with Prosser who no longer needs to ask for good fortune but is himself good fortune.


Jeff Capel - Duke

Duke has far surpassed anyones wildest expectations with Coach K. And should the time come, blue devils the world over will not have a tear to drop but only a smile to dawn as their future is just as secured as their illustrious past with Capel. 

These assistants will have a great chance at the job if their HC leaves. Rankings also took into consideration the likelihood of the current HC moving on this offseason.

Next In Line Coaches