Gary Barta - Iowa

Barta is responsible for two of the best basketball hires in Todd Lickliter and Fran McCaffery. While the former was a great hire that didn’t work out (as sometimes happens) the latter is simply Hawkeyes history. 

Scott Leykam - Portland

Recent moves have shown the Pilots dedication to basketball. By hiring legendary local Trailblazer Terry Porter, Leykam has taken the first step to a vision as broad and wide open as the basketball market and city landscape of Portland. While still early in the development, this is a huge win for the program and we expect to see these Pilots soaring to new heights for long term success.

Tom Bowen - Memphis

Stealing away the future Hall of Famer Tubby Smith, Bowen has demonstrated his influence in a relatively short period of time in Memphis. Drawing on previous marketing and other basketball business experience (such as serving as tournament Director for the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball DI Championship first and second rounds) he continues to wield his basketball emphasis, determined to bring the tigers back to the pinnacle of basketball success. 

Mike Vaught - Grand Canyon

Responsible for hiring Lenny Brown and helping to recover a troubled program at SMU before moving to GCU, Vaught has repeated his success in Phoenix (Dan Majerle). Now, in the polar opposite situation than what he faced in Dallas, Vaught has a big basketball budget in a big basketball community, thirsty for basketball as a basketball only school. 

Todd Stewart - Western Kentucky

In his first official statement to the WKU community he introduced himself using basketball terminology saying that he intends to operate with a fast break mentality. And he has. Recently, he made a move to bring back basketball royalty in the form of Rick Stansbury. Born and raised only two hours north of campus in Battletown Kentucky the expectation is that the hometome hero will secure the future of basketball in Bowling Green Ky.

Greg Christopher – Xavier

Sent directly into the fire on day one, Christopher was responsible for transitioning the basketball school to the newly reformatted Big East with no assurances the long time “mid major” conference member school would maintain their elite status day in day out. To his credit, they have. The near by Miami of Ohio educated and Ohio native understands the Xavier basketball tradition and continues to elevate the standards where X marks the spot for basketball enthusiasts all over the globe.

Michael Izzi – UCI

Who better to develop a program with all the intangibles to be an elite basketball power house combining location and atmosphere with athletics and strong academics than a sixteen year Stanford athletics administration veteran. He has performed exceptionally.  It seems easy now, especially with the hiring of Russell Turner, but as they say, when you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.

Danny White – UCF

A former college basketball player (Towson and Notre Dame) who is well experienced as director of operations and as an assistant (Ohio U) the New Orleans native is a great fit for UCF. First stopping in Buffalo to help reshape their athletics, including basketball, White brought that success to Orlando. One year into his tenure he illustrates his basketball IQ by bringing in the high academic oriented coach Dawkins to revive their basketball program.

Dr. Marilyn McNeil - Monmouth

A former woman basketball head coach (Cal Poly), McNeil recently served as the Chair of the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Committee. So deeply rooted in basketball in fact, she was able to see a true diamond in the ruff when rightfully hiring someone many business oriented officials considered to be a “high risk” coach in King Rice. 


Tom Holmoe - BYU

We are all aware of the unique challenges BYU officials deal with serving their community and LDS programs. Holme has excelled at fostering an environment successfully balancing all areas of academics, sports, and religion. Currently serving a two-year appointment as a member of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Selection Committee, his basketball genius was first recognized with the hire of Dave Rose in Holmoe’s first year (2005).

Dr. Sheahon Zenger - Kansas

A masterful mixologist since 2011, Zenger has focused on monumental success combining heritage with facilities. He opened the DeBruce Center as the new permanent home of James Naismith’s original “Rules of Basket Ball.” Then he built a modern think tank and business incubator that goes by the name McCarthy Hall to house the men’s basketball team and an equal number of distinguished non-student-athletes including GA's.


Jim Bass – UNCW

Bass began his basketball reconstruction by shaping a $2 million renovation to Trask Coliseum. Strategically ensuring the communities southern traditions by maintaining the cornerstone of the program was a brilliant move. The reconstruction era completed with the renovation of the women's basketball locker room facility. Now in post reconstruction phase, back on track, with pieces in place, he hires an outstanding up and coming coach in Kevin Keatts. 

Kelley Hartley Hutton - Fort Wayne

Rebranding the department as Fort Wayne, her imprint and ingenuity is immediately  noticeable. But as the long time Fort Wayne volleyball coach, she has always shard a symbiotic relationship with basketball. With that understanding influencing her every decision, she has been appointed to the men’s and women’s basketball scheduling committee and serves on the men’s basketball College Insider Tournament selection process for 2017.


Bruce Rasmussen - Creighton

Currently sitting as chairman of the NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Committee, the highly esteemed and successful AD has built a basketball culture. Acting more like a mayor, he altered the entire landscape and local policy of the athletic scene in Omaha. Taking the road less traveled while the rest of Nebraska focused on football and the college world series of baseball, he seized basketball opportunities that have paid off BIG time. 

Dr. Richard Sandler - ETSU

At it again, building a tremendous power house seems to be his niche. The former VCU developer founded Docdi Consulting, LLC, specializing in brand-enhancement initiatives and strategic planning working with such programs as Gonzaga, George Mason, Western Kentucky and the Colonial Athletic Association before returning to the AD post at ETSU. And as a Xavier graduate it’s no surprise he has built a career focusing on basketball as a roadmap to develop an entire athletics department. 


Ed McLaughlin – VCU

McLaughlin has had a specific basketball focus from day one. The fruits of his labor are evident in student AND athlete experience through the $25 million VCU Basketball Development Center. The centerpiece boasts one of the nations top practice facilities. A complete crown jewel it includes features such as top knoch video boards, sound systems, as well as an added academic center.

Whit Babcock - Virginia Tech

Balancing a thin line between creativity and stealing a culture, Babock has a history of luring coaches away from stable positions to join his team. Landing Buzz Williams was a staple hire in his career. From fan engagement correlating with facilities to fundraising, Babcock continues a successful trend of enhancing every program he touches. 

Darron Boatright - Wichita State

The aptly named Boatright chooses the wind that takes the ship from a safe port. His experienced leadership of marketing, development, fundraising, corporate sponsorships, radio/TV broadcasting, media relations, ticket operations and day-to-day oversight of men's basketball for WSU over the last eight years has created perfect weather. Now in full command he steadies his ship onward.

Jim Schaus - Ohio U

With previous administration stints at Oregon, Cincinnati, Texas-El Paso and Northern Illinois, he has long been known for his excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and team-building skills. At Wichita State he was the first to really get the basket-ball rolling. In Athens Ohio, he has made a huge impact with a great hire (coach Phillips) sure to further Schaus' reputation for decision making.


Dr. Camden Wood Selig - Old Dominion

Successfully taking WKU to new heights; he served on the NCAA Women's Basketball Committee and as chair for both the Sun Belt Conference Athletic Directors and the Men's Basketball Committees. Now, the Norfolk native has returned home and has steadily rebranded his hometown team into basketball champions. His all together championship efforts have helped transition ODU to CUSA and a Semi Final appearance in the NIT (2015).

Mike Bobinski – Purdue

Circumstance call for Bobinski to focus on all sports as a Boilermaker. Still, he will always be a basketball guy. From the start of his career in the mid nineties at Akron, he developed and informed decisions that would take a conference basement team to first. At Xavier he accomplished perhaps the most successful basketball AD tradition in history, developing and maintaining Xavier as the top ten basketball school they are today.

Mike Roth – Gonzaga

Eighteen years as a bulldog whisperer, his efforts have been well publicized. He immediately impacted the program by hiring the effective Dan Monson. It proved to be a crucial hire taking over a recently successful program that could have easily slipped back into basketball obscurity. Instead they continued their success until Monson moved on in nineteen-ninety nine and Roth made yet another slam dunk hire by promoting Few.

Barry Collier - Butler

A Butler basketball guy, from a basketball state, Collier is well respected among basketball communities; all the way from Indiana through the entire nation. He served as the Butler men's basketball coach for eleven seasons in route to the second-highest win total in school history. The very well organized leader  can simply get things done. Successful at a lot of different levels, its imperative to have such basketball guys in these key positions.


Craig Littlepage - UVA

As an administrator, Littlepage has served on the Men’s Basketball Championship Committee and Competition Cabinet. But beyond that, he served two stints as Cavs mens’ basketball assistant. In fact, the long time coach also held coaching positions at Pennsylvania, Rutgers, Villanova, and Yale; going as far as to win the Ivy League championship.   


Kevin White – Duke

White is probably the number one overall athletic director in all of college sports. So it’s only fitting that he be responsible for perhaps the greatest basketball program in the history of the game. Currently serving on the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee, White is so entrenched in the game that he produced a basketball coach of his own in son Mike White (Florida). 

Top Athletic Directors for Mens Basketball DI

Successful DI Athletic profesionals where basketball programs have developed in all areas from success on the court to ticket sales, merchandising, media awareness, community visibility, developing  facilities, as well as responsible for outstanding hires of both staff and coaches make up our Top Athletic Directors for Men's Basketball.