Ryan Sims - Fort Wayne

The rising young star has played an integral role in the success at Fort Wayne developing all conference guards. And playing an intricate role in his wardrobe selection is Brunello Cucincelli and Brooks Brothers Suits as well as the classic Calvin Klein shirts. True to his nature of developing talent, for all you aspiring to make this list, Sims swears that fashion is all about the perfect knot on your tie and only slim suits.    

Sam Kirby - Cal Poly

Proving that style is as much an attitude as anything else; his bright smile is always in fashion. Kirby’s feel for dress is just as keen as his feel for the game developing a backcourt just as impactful as his patent hour glass grantchester hybrid tie knot.

Kareem Richardson - UMKC

A guy who simply has “it”. On the court, off the court, with or without a tie. Sporting multiple color schemes and designs, Richardson is prepared for any situation. The Pitino protege stresses the kind of integrity that can do no wrong; in the same manner he continues to take positive steps forward with the UMKC program year in year out. 

Dana Ford - Tennessee State

Nestled in the leather district of Boston you will find Fords exclusive suit designer 9tailors. The one-on-one consultation 9tailors provides their clients is in the same vein that Ford helps navigate student athlete in their recruiting process to ensure the perfect piece for his team fit. Still, the young pioneering coach is old enough to admit his secret to fashion success is letting your wife inspire and pick out everything. 

Joe Harge - Fullerton

The monochromatic coach dresses one color with multiple textures and similar shades for an overall tonal look. His one color hue style is an extension of his coaching mentality focused on winning. Which he does to a vivid tone as the all-time NCAA record holder for turnaround wins in all divisions following a dramatic turn around from 1-28 to 20-8 as New Mexico Highlands head coach. 

Mike Babul - Wagner

The 1995 Calipari recruit never got to play for coach Cal who entered the NBA in 1996; but Babul knew him well enough to learn a keen sense of dress. Today the fourteen year DI veteran coach simply wins on and off the court through Hugo Boss suits and Ferragamo shoes in glorious fashion. Bruiser Flint, and Tony Barbee also inspired his keep it simple look.

Alvin Brooks III – Baylor

The Houston born son of a D1 head and assistant coach, Brooks III knows well the importance of a sharp dressed man. In fact the 2011 elegant 8 participant looks to surpass that mark in route to the fashionable final four this year with a very impressive Baylor squad.   

Tony Jasick - Jacksonville

Rumor has it GQ has him on retainer.  His attire is all Christopher James (Fort Wayne, IN).  While achieving perfection in fashion, he also achieves a  perfect fit in coaching. The A-sun rising coach has increased his teams total wins by no less than five wins each season since 2011 with two different teams. He should be featured on many more covers than just GQ and Christopher James.  

Tommy Amaker - Harvard

Walking into the quiet, still, Harvard library, one cant help notice columns and rows of bookcases leading to the big chair at the end. There sits the comfortable Amaker dressed in a warm coal turtle neck and a black pin stripe suit, his eyes buried in a book titled “ They Call me Coach”. The smell of a place cooking with new ideas, a powerful smell of basketball Ivy league imagination. Transcending looks and styles, Amaker has masterfully become the image of his entire conference.


Amir Abdur-Rahim - Texas A&M

The southern man wears fine clothes conveying his cultural intellect. Sometimes sporting bare ankles, his high-hemmed pants represent this rising star in coaching. And it all comes together in respect for tradition of his southern coaching ties.

DeAndre Haynes - Toledo 

One of the top all time MAC coaches, Haynes continues to set the standard; proving that Aldo and Cole Haan tailored brown shoes are just as versatile as black. The Kevin Ollie inspired game day dress features suits shirts and ties come from Banana Republic and Express.


Jesse Pruitt - Stanford

With his trademark plaid shirt, pinstripe suite, straight down collar, and Duchenne smile Pruitt distinguishes himself most by his California ties. His scouting, recruiting, and development reach extends up and down the golden state. 

Ritchie McKay - Liberty

The smooth, cool, and all around good guy might as well be on stage with a saxophone instead of coaching on the court. In the same vein as his fashion icons Miles Davis, Bo Diddly, and Thelonious Monk, McKay, sets the standards in basketball from up tempo bebop offense to a rock solid defensive foundation and an overall contemplative yet intense quality.


LeVelle Moton - NCCU 

The highly influential coach impacts fashion through the stylings of Tiglio, Sean John, and Ralph Lauren. Inspired by Ray Lewis and Steve Harvey among others, Moton pulls from all angles to make it fit him. He lives by the credo that less is more and a tailored fit to you is important. On and off the court he has proven that people respond to authenticity and his fashion policy allows him to be just as successful of a coach.  

King Rice - Monmouth

Dressing for success now for the better part of thirty years, when King landed in the big chair he was ready with a closet just as big to match. His keys for success on game day follows the three most important rules as listed by mydapperself.com: 1) do not repeat patters 2) use different stripe proportions 3) color harmony. 


Bruce Pearl - Auburn

The infamous off the cuff coach and his trademark suspenders with a suit begs the question… is he really mad at all those officials over the years or is every coat flicker an action designed to distinguishing his look??

Jordan Mincy - Florida

One of the games best thirty under thirty coaches, Mincy still has a finger on the pulse of youth culture and is well documented as having premier scouting abilities as a coach. Both are functions that assist him in this category. Tailored to perfection by J.T. Vision Mincy will also shop at suit supply. Focused on a help style defense that features his belt and Donald J. Pliner loafers don't be surprised to see him also style a match up zone between socks, ties and watches. 

Reggie Theus - CSUN

His sharp basketball mind and tact shows through in his fashion career. A career that has lasted as long as his basketball one. Flat out sporting high end NBA threads his whole adult life, it all began with inspiration from former teammates Dominque Wilkins and Kevin Willis. The relentless recruiter owns that you have to be just as relentless in fashion with your own style; a true trailblazer comfortable in his own shoes.

Bobby Steinburg - Kent State

With enough suits to outfit a Fortune 500 company, Steinburg’s attire is carefully selected at Ticknor's Men's Clothier, custom designs by SelfMade Menswear, with shoes/accessories for every combination. His attire raises the bar for all professionals, let alone coaches. Steinburg’s class and attention to detail on the court translates to his men’s fashion etiquette-driving his success. His travel fashion secret - the Jiffy Travel Steamer. 


Kevin Ollie - Uconn

Many life and career experiences have molded him into one of the bright coaches. It's no surprise then to find he broke the mold in coaching wardrobe as well. The purple-on-purple look is one of those no! No!! NO!!! ...yessss!!!! moments akin to watching a poor shot selection drop in the bucket.

Johnny Dawkins - UCF

From Duke blue to Cardinal red to the black and gold of UCF, Orlando’s newest fashionable fits any color scheme. The thin tied sharp minded Dawkins now looks to dress his knights in the same winning fashion. 

Mike Brey - Notre Dame

The turtle neck ’80’s throwback seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird for Brey. Instead he now wears HartMarx suits featuring opened collar and loose buttons, if buttoned at all, to perfection. The free flowing coach, careful not to over coach, swears that a loose sport coat keeps your team loose too! 

John Calipari - Kentucky

In the true spirit of coaching, showing out is not enough. Coach Cal took it one step further with his Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and his very own clothing line called ‘Refuse to Lose’ designed for athletes, businessmen, women and fans everywhere.


Rick Pitino - Louisville

The coaching icon has been called the same in fashion. Ranging from blazers to white on white suits, Pitino is always ready for the derby. And through his look the ingenious psychological coach has found another way to relate to his players. The connection off the court translates to perfect play on the court. It’s a method has been successful as witnessed by the tattoo on his left shoulder blade. 


Jay Wright - Villanova

A fashion combo guard fusing class, vitality, and glamour; the complete package coach is as well written about in every fashion magazine as basketball trades. Dubbed by Esquire as “the only coach in America from whom you would actually want to steal a suit or two.”

Best Dressed Coaches DI

In line with the holiday spirit, these are the coaches you will find attending various holiday parties all week long and every game day all season dressed to the nines. 


Here is a list of recommended tailors, shops, and brands as seen below (please click on name for direct link):

HartMarx suitsJ.T. Visionsuit supply , Donald J. Pliner , TiglioSean JohnRalph LaurenAldoCole HaanBanana RepublicExpress , Christopher James , Hugo BossFerragamo9tailors , Brunello CucincelliBrooks Brothers , Calvin Klein , Ticknor's Men's Clothier , SelfMade Menswear


Recommend travel accessories:  Jiffy Travel Steamer.


Recommended reading :  GQmydapperself.com , They Call me Coach