Tim Miles - Nebraska

Among the camera flashes and stage wash, Miles remains the brightest light in the room. King of the one liners, his humor and fun loving persona may not sit well with all media or even all coaching colleagues but the guy is fun and enjoyable. And it’s clear the players and fans feel the same way. 

Josh Pastner - Georgia Tech

Anyone willing to follow the success of Calipari at Memphis would have to be chalk full of personality; right!!?. The realty is that the cool and collective Pastner is genuinely affable and congenial. “A good and honest man” as his former head coach Lute Olson puts it. 

Brad Underwood - Oklahoma State

His honesty, loyalty and discretion prevents Underwood from promoting himself; leaving it up to us to highlight a guy who is the better part of all things. The feisty, tough, gritty, hard-nosed coach clearly wears his emotions on his sleeve. It’s that same personality which allows him to build great relationships. The born leader makes you want to be apart of everything he does.

Greg Herenda - Fairleigh Dickerson 

With the enthusiasm and energy of a rising tide lifting all boats, the water mill that is Fairleigh Dickerson basketball and the ever diligent millworker Herenda feed the Hackensack River which in turn fuels New Jersey basketball. On and off the court, his passion drives his animated personality. 

Mike Young - Wofford

When Young started with Wofford the coin was showing tails. It meant he needed to be the strong workaholic poised in his commitment to doing things the right way. He was very methodical, neat, in control, and nowhere near this list had it existed twenty years ago. Today he has flipped the coin and his persona with it. The heads up, lots of fun to be around coach is polite and gracious. He is finally forever Young. 

Ron Hunter - Georgia State

By the light of a fireside chat we reveal the humble, and jovial, quote slinging, superstitious Hunter showing himself to be a funny guy sitting back relaxed and laughing at himself.

Buzz Williams -  Virginia Tech 

The sometimes abrasive and oversized engaging showman is funny and poignant. Still his greatest contribution to humanity is not in wins and losses but through Buzz’s Bunch foundation for sick children. 

(Please click on the link for further information about Buzz’s Bunch)

Shaka Smart - Texas 

By fits, starts and smarts, the aggressive relationship developer creates an identity where he leads the perception. Settings out to personally know your likes, dislikes, families, the ever positive reinforcing father figure, brother, and friend keeps you beneath his wings for life.

Jimmy Patsos - Siena

A personality racing from 0 to 100 in the flash of a bad (or a good) basketball play, his is a fun atmosphere. The popular vacation planet of Patsots located just beyond Neptune is a great escape from the day to day normal grind and highly recommended. However, we do caution that for every day spent in the Patsos universe requires a four hour decompression period upon returning to earth.


Greg Kampe - Oakland 

The dry witted satirist has the dynamics to play any role without breaking character. Just click here for his College Insider Sexiest Man Award speech to see why coaches around the globe love this local treasure. 

Chris Beard - Texas Tech

The strong outspoken coach is never afraid to say whats on his mind. Chris is the basketball brother you go to meet for a drink and the game on a Thursday night in Lubbock only to wake up Sunday morning in a Dallas fog. 


Ed Cooley - Providence 

Cooley is himself a palpable buzz sending shock waves throughout college basketball. Not only because of the job he did resurrecting Providence, but his spirit which infects with all the enthusiasm and tenacity of a coach but also with an almost eerie soothing warmth reminiscent of your favorite childhood blanket.

Rob Ehsan - UAB

It’s been repeated over and over again, people like Robert. Generating a gravitational pull of such electromagnetic force everything from players, coaches, alumni, and fans push and pull towards him. Still, owning the laws of physics isn’t enough.The excitable yet calm and confident Ehsan is never complacent as he continues to win over the hearts and minds of basketball enthusiasts throughout the known and unknown universe not to mention game after game. 


King Rice - Monmouth

Lessons learned, a new King emerged from the battle of ‘96. Brand new to the world, he stood before himself and MAN ALIVE!!!! the immensity of it became glaringly apparent. It became the greatest discovery and scouting job he would ever make in his long successful career. Right there! looking back at him, looking back at him, stood a hilarious raconteur with undeniable charisma. Ironically, it’s that personality that today has basketball all abuzz. 

Steve Forbes - ETSU

Salt of the earth, the low maintenance, every-man Forbes knows how to take a joke. A likable guy that you and all basketball people are sure to hit it off with from day one.  


Dave Paulsen - George Mason

While scrolling through numerous fan blogs and posts about the then Bucknell coach first accepting the job at George Mason, one thing is obvious. Even his biggest enemies admit they will miss this premier personality. That may be the best compliment anyone could be paid.

Frank Martin - South Carolina

With enough personality to breath life into a program Martin has animated the entire state. In fact he might as well be teaching psychology and a class on how to change a personality. He wrote it down, he told the state what was coming, set rewards system, remained open and flexible, he did not set out to fix anything but to realize his perception, he paid no attention to the negativity, he changed the entire pattern and feeling, and now he looks to add the final touches.

Mike Davis - Texas Southern

With nothing left to lose, Davis lets his personality fly while coaching the game like a one scholarship offer player or a transfer from somewhere he couldn't really adjust to. Proving daily to his guys that with a great mindset, you can accomplish anything. The emotional and enthusiastic Davis always shows up to work.

Marvin Menzies - UNLV

Getting all the UNLV fans and staff moving in the right direction and on board lockstep behind Menzies is the ultimate personality test. Still, we are confident he will score high well equipped with the abilities of a dynamic, engaging, and high energy guy who basketball loves.


Andy Toole - Robert Morris 

Like standing on Mount McKinley during an avalanche, it’s all anyone can do to grab your ski and try to ride on the back of the exuberance that is Toole’s personality cascading down. One of the youngest in the game, the full of life coach has energized the Robert Morris community and all basketball circles with it.  

Bruce Pearl - Auburn

The always entertaining coach does it BIG!! If it’s a grin, it spans from ear to ear. If it’s a feeling of shock and amazement, it’s a jaw dropped all the way to the floor. The ever emotional, outgoing, flamboyant coach enjoys what he does and it shows in giant vibrant motions.

Bob Hoffman - Mercer

Wired with loose connections, the passionate, all in, coach is highly contagious. The one time cinderella’s fever reached epidemic proportions becoming a national concern with the win over Duke (2014). His personality continues to spread like a wild fire through the basketball community but no where stronger than in his locker room. Inspiring his player to work and care Hoffman is living proof that success is driven by psychosis.

Jay Spoonhour - Eastern Illinois

Son of the personable Charlie Spoonour, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Jay is never too busy for a joke and the time to make you feel good. He possess the innate ability to recognize when one is in need without being asked. It’s a particularly rare appeal that should come standard with every coach.


Saul Phillips - Ohio

Saul good in Athens Ohio!  Connecting all parts of basketball, life, and education through effective storytelling, the problem solver is in every sense of the word a true coach. He is intense but laid back and approachable, energetic and enthusiastic.


Bob Huggins - West Virginia

The three-dimensional character is first of all believable, credible, highly intelligent, unique, and magnetic. A common guy who you might know from your favorite watering hole selling stories told with a twist of laughter. It’s those details that create a sense of Americana woodlands that is the natural habitat of basketballs national treasure Huggy Bear.

Personalities Coaching Collegiately

Continuing in the holiday spirit we look at coaches impacting both self and society. These coaches posses the psychic structure collating functionality and the process in a context that Freud himself would be amazed by.