Mike Young – Wofford

An extremely successful veteran of the game, Young has taken the Terriers to new heights. He has accomplished everything a coach can hope for and more. His ability to perform as flawlessly at a high major program is undoubtable. Still, after almost thirty years in Spartanburg, SC it would be difficult to leave.  

Chris Briggs - Georgetown KY - NAIA

Seven years of twenty-four plus overall wins a season, he has proven the ability to maintain and manage success. The all Kentucky guy should at least get a look by the likes of Kentucky Wesleyan. Still it may be the proximity to UK and his close ties to his alma matter (wife is an employee of their athletes department) that wont allow him to stray too far.

John Becker – Vermont

Becker is in the NCAA record book as one of seven head coaches in history to win at least 20 games at the same school in his first six seasons. Still his overall resume isn’t as overwhelming. His humility may keep him in Vermont.         

Drew Cooper – Thomas More - DIII   

Without question his impact has been immediate on both the Thomas More program and the DIII space. Moving quicker than most due to his background involving a ton of success early at the elite level of DII through Bellarmine, he is primed and ready for a return to DII as a head coach. Kentucky Wesleyan, and Tusculum College (TN) would both be in his wheel house.  

Kyle Smithpeters - John A logan - JUCO

His overall record of 113-45 includes four straight seasons of 20 or more wins. The young and personable three time GRAC Coach of the Year has one year experience as a DI assistant. While it may not be much, it’s something he can build on if given the opportunity at a four year school DI, DII, DIII or NAIA. 

Jon Coffman – Fort Wayne

From a  DIII coaching tree you have never heard producing the likes of Mike Young (Wofford) Nathen Davis (Bucknell) and others, Coffman has done things his own way. It may be such politics that have limited his rise or how well he sees eye to eye with the admin. in Fort Wayne. Regardless, the guy is a community oriented coach who has proven his competitiveness and ability to win. 

Jeremy Shulman - Eastern Florida - JUCO

Highly successful at both the AAU and Juco level, Shulman built the program from scratch at EFSU. With MTSU, ETSU, Austin Peay, Tennessee State,  all on the rise, the Nashville native might have an opportunity to jump up. Especially considering he has been feeding a large number of those programs (and many others across the DI level) with quality talent for their rosters the last eight years. 

Marty Richter - FSW - JUCO

He has all the pieces from staff and assistant stops at DI Bowling Green, South Dakota, Indiana and FGCU, not to mention international experience. Should Dooley move on, he could take the reins as he remains close to the community and has added head coaching experience. 

Jared Phay - College of Southern Idaho -JUCO

Every DI coach in the country has been through his gym on the hunt for the next great talent. Able to step in and be successful at such a power program with the added pressure to the job of CSI, he has that elite pressure cooker quality on his resume.


John Brannan - NKU

With all the intangibles (and the tangibles) in place, Brannan has woken the sleeping giant that is NKU. A Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky native with extensive experience throughout the south, he is near the next in line for a high major post anywhere from Ohio all the way down to Georgia and Florida. But he also has a unique second option. The community, market, and the resources are there. He could pull NKU up even higher than the Horizon. 

Steve DeMeo - NW Florida State - JUCO

The DeMeo brand has been circulating every coaching carousal for five years now; if not longer. So why has he not hitched to a specific horse yet?  Maybe holding out for a DI head job? or a power five assistant spot? He may need to take a DII head coaching job just to keep growing and challenging himself as a coach until that perfect DI position comes his way.  


Travis DeCuire – Montana

The one question is...where to go? So entrenched in the Montana community as a player, and now head coach, he may be pigeonholed into a specific job. California could work, but maybe not over their own home grown King. Would a Washington State give him a look? He is a Seattle native.  

Mark Pope – Utah Valley

Completing his third year, Pope has completely transformed Utah Valley. The only thing missing is that conference championship which they are on par to take this season. Among the first four out on our previous ranking ‘Coaches on the Brink’, its only a matter of time. And when he gets over that tournament championship the opportunities will come in droves.


Tod Kowalczyky - Toledo

Now eight years at the helm of the Rockets, guiding them to a third postseason appearance in the past six years last season, he has passed the first stage of rebuilding. Upon his arrival in 2010, he quickly instituted a culture of discipline and accountability. He has made all the right moves and it’s time for his reward to earn the chance to repeat his efficiency at the highest level. 

Randy Bennett - St Mary’s

The successful, and accountable Bennett has long been the top target for numerous schools. Yet he remains at St. Mary’s. His loyalty and dedication to ownership by correcting and taking punishment for his mistakes have only entrenched him in the St. Mary’s community. Nowhere else would he have such control of his program and that may be what’s most important to him. 


Craig Doty – Graceland - NAIA

His influence and impact on both game and community goes deep below the surface of being a great coach with a room full of trophies and a bench full of top conference performers. His Midwest Elite Basketball program is a top tier elite camp and has launched the careers of many other highly successful coaches. 

Rob Senderoff - Kent State

Lets put it this way, Sampson has reestablished his career in Houston. Surely, Senderoff cant be far behind. He ended 2016-17 season with a 122-81 record including a trip to the 2017 NCAA Tournament. In 2017-2018, after numerous changes to both staff and roster, he finished right around five-hundred; not bad for a rebuilding year. Without question he is deserving of the next level. 

Greg Kamansky - Cal Poly Pomona - DII

Wrapping up his eighteenth season at the helm of the Cal Poly Pomona, Kamansky has accomplished everything from national championships to DII leading individual and team stats in every category. With a great thing going that keeps going and going and going, would he welcome the next challenge of a west coach job? Perhaps a well-built UCI if Turner moves on? 

Ben McCollum - NW Missouri State - DII

His first few years were sub-par and barley breaking even. In fact, he once considered quitting coaching all together convinced he simply wasn’t good enough as a coach. All that has changed and his life was dramatically altered after winning the DII national championship last year. While he is battle and conscience tested, it may be difficult to pull him from his alma matter. 


Rodney Terry - Fresno State

Once considered the bell of the ball in the Mountain West, Terry has been overshadowed by the recent success of Nevada and Boise State. But he is still there adding to his twenty win seasons total while ranking top five in most conference stats. Any big 10 school would be a great fit for this top fg percentage producer.

Lonnie Blow, Jr. - Virginia State - DII

Four years of breaking records and making history, Blow is ready for what naturally comes next as he continues to rise. The guy has won everywhere in the DII space and as a former Old Dominion and Norfolk State assistant, he is ready for his return to DI. Maybe even back to Norfolk? In Virginia his top notch defensive show would unquestionably rival Bennett and Jones. 

Stacy Hollowell - Loyola New Orleans - NAIA

Known throughout the college basketball ranks as the great young coach, he has found himself runner up to a number of jobs. Any program in Tennessee or Louisiana would fit like a glove, but with his unique international experience, any school with a strong international student body would also work well. On his way, It’s just a matter of when and where.

Scott Cherry - High Point

With lots of young faces in the program entering the starting line-up and adding responsibilities to their roles, Cherry has done a masterful job mixing and matching to see what works while essentially maintaining the season. Still this off season, either an Eastern Carolina or a Charlotte would benefit greatly by this North Carolina Champion. 


Dave Rose – BYU

Stanford, USC, and Wyoming, are just a few schools who took a look at Rose. Perhaps the lack of a deep tournament run may be to blame for no one pulling the trigger. Whatever the cause, the effect has been continuous wining and a deep tradition at BYU. Their religious affiliation requiring student sabbaticals, coupled with their academic requirements have proven Rose can handle more than your average coach.


Josh Schertz - Lincoln Memorial - DII

At first it was thought to be his youth temporarily holding him back from a DI job. Today it may be a simple case that he has been so successful setting history at Lincoln Memorial it might take a HM to MM head coaching job to pull him away. And if that  job pays and has the ability to win in year one all the better.

These are elite head coaches from all levels who are exceeding expectations in their current space and ready to take on the next level. Included, may be a quick statement about what could be holding them back or a likely road forward.

Head Coaches Who Should
Be At A Higher Level