Jean Prioleau - Colorado

Prioleau has worked for some really good ball coaches...and picked up quite a bit of knowledge along the way.  He can recruit, coach, and develop talent!  A triple threat! 

Rob Lanier - Tennessee

Communicator extraordinar, this tough nosed driver epitomizes the term coach. With a talent for conveying a message that is well understood by all, it’s easy to see why coaches and players alike gravitate towards this guy. 

Emanuel Richardson - Arizona

One of the ultimate rebound stories in basketball, a young Richardson was kicked out of college basketball for being a disruptive player. The mentorship and father figure persona that others showed helped get his life together. That same kindness of others is what drives this grassroots coach to impact all his players in the same positive way.   

Greg Paulus - Ohio State

He's young and has a heck of a sports resume.  But don't let the boyish looks of this 29 year old deceive you.  He knows the game and has complete confidence coaching players that "look" 5 years his senior.

David Patrick - LSU

A strong tactician with true worldwide reach. This bayou tiger exists to hunt, attack, and instigate the offensive. Patrick has played a major role in the talent upgrade in Baton Rouge.

Tommy Connor - Utah

From running the point position as a Ute to a graduate assistant for the late great Majerus to the number two man in the program; Tommy is the very definition of Utah basketball. He built an NAIA powerhouse from scratch and continues to build his reputation in basketball circles just the same.

Hubert Davis - UNC

Hubert Davis left a pretty good gig in the booth to go back to his alma-mater as an assistant coach.  That says as much about his character and work ethic as it does about his love for teaching the game that gave so much to him.

LaValle Jordan - Michigan

A sleuth is never without his notebook. Collecting memos from every season ranging from trials and tribulations to facilities and program history, this true basketball detective is a tireless researcher. His knowledege of the game and player relations has been invaluable to the Michigan program. 

Anthony Solomon - Notre Dame

A teacher of fundamentals; any display of poise from his team is a direct response to his example. He is credited with restoring order to a troubled St. Bonaventure program in 2003. -a task that could have only been accomplished by a great coach who is also a great person.


Tom Richardson - Vanderbilt

Tom is a an old-school thinker and Stallings backbone for many years.  He is simply a hard working basketball guy who enjoys chalk talks and basketball theory as much as anyone.

Tim Jankovich - SMU

Dedicated to improving his athletes and helping them mature, Tim creates a culture where his players strive to always be at their best. This coach-in-waiting has finally settled after stops all over the country as both assistant and head coach. 


Jason Williford - UVA

A former do-it-all utility player in Charlottesville, Williford took his University of Virginia degree and continues to educate himself spending a good portion of his career learning from two maestros, Jeff Jones and Tony Bennett. His jovial personality attracts recruits, and his pulse of the personnel is a MUST for Bennett. 

Tony Barbee - Kentucky

The former UMass player is now twice reunited with his former coach. First in Memphis and now in Lexington where they continue their winning ways. It wont be long before an Athletics Director lures him away from Lexington for another shot in the big chair.


Rob Moxley - NC State

He has assisted in MANY wins and has his fair share of championships. Moxley is known as a recruiter who can pull players from under any rock. He has been very instrumental in the development of the numerous all-conference guards he has coached. 

Tommy Lloyd - Gonzaga

As Few’s good man he continues to help develop the Gonzaga program and himself. While he may lack a multitude of coaching stops on his resume, he is no stranger to winning and being recognized as one of the top assistant coaches in the country. 


Chris Caputo - Miami

Don't let the young face fool you, Caputo is a rising star in this profession and has all the tools to build and run a top 25 program of his own. His hard work, dedication, and loyalty to Coach L doesn’t go unnoticed in coaching circles.

Dwayne Stephens - Michigan State 

The 12 plus year veteran holds the title of associate head Spartan. A position held by ten current and recent high major D1 head coaches.

Stephens has a knack for signing players that work well in the Izzo system and plays a big role in that system himself!

Greg Gard - Wisconsin

From a small hog farm Greg is accustomed to scraping the dung from the stalls. It speaks to the learned discipline and work ethic he instills in his players. And whether Coach Ryan truly retires this year or not, Gard will continue his workmanlike demeanor to help keep Wisconsin basketball at an elite level.

Ron Sanchez - UVA

A longtime "sleeper" among coaching circles, Sanchez' sincere and unassuming persona, tireless work-ethic, attention to detail, and firm understanding of the perfect fit in recruiting, has helped Tony Bennett rebuild two programs in elite leagues. 


Mike Hopkins - Syracuse

Long known as the next head coach of the storied Orange program, Hopkins runs the day-to-day operations in central NY and moonlights by signing some of the top players in the country.

Bobby Lutz - NC State

Lutz seems to make every high major ballot.  It's simple, his successful experience as a head coach makes him invaluable on-the-floor and with game prep. However, he is one of the few former head coaches that beats the bushes to sign elite talent. 


Larry Davis - Cincinnati 

Bearing down with old-fashioned hard work and a total commitment to success Davis is realizing the fruits of his labor. And it may not be too long before he can taste those fruits as a head coach once more. 

Jeff Capel - Duke   

Many suiters have come calling, but this former head coach has a comfortable situation at his alma mater. It will take the perfect fit to lure him out of Durham.  Meanwhile, he continues to recruit and develop NBA talent at 40 years young.


Stan Jones - Florida State 

Seems to make every list when it comes to high-major assistants.  With good reason, he is a do-it-all coach who has a complete understanding of the business of college basketball, as well as how to dissect opposing defenses.  


Ranking the best of the best in college basketball.


Norm Roberts - Kansas 

Success isn’t always simple. While cleaning up a St Johns program, he was replaced for a higher profile name. Now back home at KU, he provides Bill Self with a familiar face who has very few weaknesses as a coach.

Top 25 High Major Assistant Coaches