Jerod Haase - University of Alabama Birmingham

This one time Robin to Roy Williams is now a true basketball Batman. Proudly boasting a utility belt from years of tutelage that holds multiple strategies for developing players.

Jeff Jones - Old Dominion

His knowledge of the game, ability to communicate that knowledge to his athletes, work ethic, and recruiting contacts have quietly but steadily brought Jeff back to the top in college coaching.

Keith Dambrot - Akron

Ball Screen Offense has zipped Akron teams to the top of the MAC, not to mention the career of coach Dambrot.

Larry Shyatt - Wyoming

An unsung hero of the great Florida teams, Shyatt champions practice ideas and defensive development.

Rob Senderoff - Kent State University

Known for his development of post players over the years, Senderoff's offensive mind is at an elite level. Basketball's version of Picasso with a whiteboard and dry erase pen.

Tim Floyd - University of Texas El Paso

Coach Floyd is well known for practice porousness. One of the best SWOT analysts in the game. 

Dave Paulsen - George Mason

His revolutionary ball screen offense has been successful everywhere.

Mike Young - Wofford 

Like a movie director describing the visual story, Young emphasizes spacing concepts.  His Corner Pin Series is a must see! 

Randy Bennett - St. Mary's

Well respected for his offensive mind, Randy continues to pick and roll his way to the top.


Ben Howland - Mississippi State

A man to man specialist emphasizing passing and simplicity. He has long been regarded as a defensive great.

Fran McCaffery - Iowa

His rotation zone offense and crunch-time adjustments has successfully propelled him to the top of college basketball!


Chris Mooney - Richmond

A true student of the game, few take the time to re-invent themselves and re-learn the game every offseason like Mooney. This mindset lends itself well to game-day adjustments.

Kermit Davis - Middle Tennessee State Universtiy

Who says you cant teach rebounding? Kermit does it like no-other, along with every other defensive scheme. 


Bob Hoffman - Mercer

His double box option has been effective at all levels leveraging his respect as one of the best in designing BLOB plays.

Jim Crews - St. Louis

Jim is a master of knowledge and existence. With his eternal staples and his art of now philosophies, Crews sees things most coaches don’t. Like how to incorporate volleyball to assist your basketball play. Just look at his press breakers.


Kevin Stallings - Vanderbilt

His constituents, along with the nation, have long recognized his knack for x’s and o’s. His understanding of the game is exemplified by his Vanderbilt Zone Offense; simply beautiful.

Ben Jacobson - University of Northern Iowa

Based on pack principles and stressing defense, his drive rotations carry him to the top of the coaching ladder.

Rick Byrd - Belmont

Well rooted in coaching experience, his basketball knowledge has positioned him to be one of the most respected minds in the coaching community, Constantly sought after by his constituents and the national media.

Fran Dunphy - Temple

Dunphy's own motion offense is a great metaphor for his basketball mind. He knows the game inside and out.


Tony Bennett - Virginia

The Bennett Packline Defense cripples opposing teams. Criticized for playing too slow?  His defense slows the game down while his offense is extremely smart and efficient, looking for the best shot. A winning recipe. 

Tom Izzo - Michigan State

A true tactician with every move and every call, winning every dead ball, defense, details, offense. This guy is the best at literally everything in the game.

Bob McKillop - Davidson

Armed with motion and sets to build your imagination, his work in college and with USA Basketball is a one stop shop for the offensive mind.

Dave Rose - BYU

His transition offense is just that; a pace controlled strategy with multiple options. Dave continues to run up the list of best tacticians in the country.


Bo Ryan - Wisconsin

Utilizing an innovative design, Coach Ryan has found success with a style that combines the Flex and UCLA systems. Like the man himself, it’s patient and systematic. 


Ranking the best of the best in college basketball.


John Beilein - Michigan

Making a career out on the perimeter, Beilein’s 5-out motion offense and 1-3-1 trap exemplifies his methodical basketball mind.  

Top 25 X's & O's Head Coaches